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David Wexler is a professional freelance photographer and photojournalist. Mostly self-taught, he refined his skills from some of Nikon's finest ambassadors in the industry, and has been a professional photographer for 16 years.  David's style, integrity, and attention to detail, has captured the likes of notable musicians, athletes, politicians, celebrities, and public speakers. His works have been published in newspapers and magazines worldwide. 

David's ultimate passion with photography stems from eliciting emotion from a moment, regardless of his subject.


"I love bringing viewers closer to the images I create. A great photograph draws you into the moment. There's an emotional connection with the individual.  It's something I strive for with each capture."


"Whether photographing landscapes, a well known artist, an event, someone's portrait or a milestone moment, it's getting to the essence of my subject that defines my work.


Photography is not something I do... it's who I am.

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